Soccer in the U.S. is Said to Have a Cultural Problem – So a Cultural Shift Might Unlock All the Answers

25 million people currently play soccer in the U.S. according to FIFA’s most recent ‘Big Count’, yet it still sits on the bleachers while the other more established sports share in all the spoils.

Saying soccer will never be big here in the U.S. is an acceptance that American culture will never change and we are happy with the current status quo.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the U.S. took pride in being the best in the world at almost everything it tried its hand at? Given this attitude, which I believe is the widely accepted viewpoint of its citizens; shouldn’t we embrace the challenge of the U.S. becoming the best soccer nation in the world? Or is it just too difficult because it might take a bit more time than we are usually accustomed to?

There is no doubt that America has an insatiable appetite for sport, so can soccer one day rank up there with those sports and be part of the countries national identity? The simple answer is yes but the more long winded version is how and how long will it take.

One of those answers may come in the form of a strong shift in the demographical make-up of the country itself. According to a report from The Brookings Institution, a Washington based nonprofit public policy organization, in the past decade alone racial and ethnic minorities have accounted for 83% of the USA’s growth. These statistics along with the fact that our population is predicted to hit 350 million by 2022 demonstrate that demographic forces are decidedly in favor of soccer’s eventual success.

Soccer has always been known as the one sport that can break down barriers of race, religion and the other social obstacles to participation, so if we can successfully manage this cultural shift, maybe this gradual demographic transformation is the sports future trump card.

So let’s embrace these changes and smash the perceptions that soccer is the leisurely past time of middle-class suburbanites and find new ways to permeate the game into our popular sporting culture. Soccer Support hopes to lead that charge and we can’t wait to launch in 2012!

In the meantime if you’re interested to find out what it is we are planning please email for more information.

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2 thoughts on “Soccer in the U.S. is Said to Have a Cultural Problem – So a Cultural Shift Might Unlock All the Answers

  1. Carolinaazzurri says:

    In 1950 the three biggest sports in attendance in America were baseball, prize fighting and horse racing. Things change, be patient. As a soccer fan from the 70’s believe me its come a long way. In 1979 if you would have told me it would be this far along by 2011 I would have said your crazy.

    • soccerspeak says:

      That’s a great perspective, but it never hurts to have a conversation about what the future might look like. We want to be able to say that in 30 years we knew it could be this big!

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