Helping Soccer Grow Nationally, One Tweet at a Time with #growthegame

Help #growthegame with @soccersupport

Fans are encouraged to promote grassroots initiatives, suggest ideas on how to grow the

game and share best practices to help develop a new online paradigm.

A number of soccer fans (through our Twitter account @SoccerSupport) have been asking about our new hashtag #growthegame and how they can use it effectively to help voice their own ideas and share best practices with other like-minded users online.

When we first started using Twitter we discovered an underlying need for something to bridge that gap between tweeting, being heard and creating a strong online hub for soccer information. That’s why we have introduced a hashtag on Twitter to make connecting with fans & sharing content a much easier process.

Having the grassroots of US soccer coin the phrase #growthegame is more a reflection of where we believe the sport can make the biggest gains in our quest to help it realize its potential. Growing the game will lead to more exposure for clubs and players and a greater pool of resources to share and distribute.

So why a hashtag? Not only can an optimized hashtag and keyword strategy help to extend the reach of the game but it will also allow us to more accurately monitor the #growthegame campaign’s performance.

Using hashtags can expand the reach of your tweets far beyond the scope of those who follow you. It’s also a good way to add twitter followers with similar interests through the exposure of your words to fans interested in the beautiful game.

Empowering fans through a simple 10 letter hashtag can yield some pretty amazing statistics. For example if we search through the discover tool on Twitter we see that the last five people to use #growthegame in their tweets saw soccer related posts reach a total of 3422 followers. A couple of retweets later and you will see its reach grow exponentially.

While #growthegame has the ability to bring the soccer fraternity together, clubs and fans need to be active and engage with each other to gain optimal results. Twitter is about those two-way conversations that you have with others. If you only post links to your own work or advertise only your services without retweeting, @mentioning or conversing with other clubs etc, you’ll likely turn people off from following you. So share your passions openly, don’t be selfish with your content and see the whole game benefit.

Keep an eye on #growthegame  – not only will we be driving debate on various hot button issues in the game but we have a number of exciting projects being rolled out over the first quarter of the year to spark interest in our new movement.


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