WPS Falls Down, Grassroots Stand Up

One of our most popular blog posts to date has been the piece titled ‘Excuse me MLS – Women can play too!’ which looked into the state of the Women’s game and the WPS.

Since this post three major events have occurred. Two of these events illustrate the quality of our game today – the USWNT reaching the 2012 London Olympics and the WPS Draft. The third sadly showed the lack of direction off the field with the WPS Board of Governors voting to suspend the 2012 WPS season.

It is hard to imagine that this all happened exactly 14 days after we posted our blog. What a rollercoaster for fans and players alike. This was indeed a sad day for the sport and most importantly the women’s side of the game.

It was then that we decided to take action a little bit earlier than scheduled.

Soccer Support is currently in its pre-launch phase and we have been predominantly focused on starting a grassroots discussion about the game before we start rolling out our major projects for 2012 and beyond.

Soccer Support is a change agent for grassroots soccer in the U.S. and with that in mind we will be launching a pilot of our #GrowTheGame event to get the ball rolling (excuse the pun).

When the WPS decided to take a hiatus for 2012, much of the commentary coming from that announcement has been ‘what can the fans do?’

The answer is very simple. The answer is to stand up and be counted.

There are millions of supporters, players and families involved with the sport here in America but with no platform to contribute. We intend to start this process by identifying fans across the country who want to help grow the game they love. We want people to celebrate the sport and bring much needed attention back to the grassroots of the game.

Building better clubs, attracting new volunteers and sponsors, supporting best practices and skill sharing with teams across the country is the recipe for success – not a top down blueprint, but an open discussion about how everyone can get involved and help drive a new cultural change for Americas sporting landscape.

In the end it’s a simple equation – #GrowTheGame and we expand the opportunities available for the sport to flourish.

Tomorrow at 9am P.T. we will be launching a fun and simple site (announced through Twitter @SoccerSupport) that will provide the tools for supporters to help #GrowTheGame and kick-off a grassroots movement across the country. We will also be announcing the city that has been chosen to showcase this pilot program.

#GrowTheGame is just one of the projects being launched nationally through 2012. For more information email info@soccersupport.us


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