Imagine #IfSoccerTrendsDuringSuperBowl

It could be said that the Super Bowl is the sporting event that stops the nation. We here at Soccer Support don’t doubt that given its rich history in the country and neither are we trying to take that away from them. We do realize however that there are big gains to be made for soccer over the next couple of decades and that the movement to start that cultural transition from the ‘big four’ has already begun.

So how does that transition begin and what does the Super Bowl have to do with it? Firstly we need to understand that soccer will not become the biggest sport overnight and there is the possibility it will never overhaul NFL and Baseball as Americas sporting powerhouses. Soccer fans too often get caught up in the ‘world game’ mantra that they become too focused on beating the competition and that the sports uniqueness and appeal then becomes a “me too” product.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t worry or watch what other sports are doing, but it does mean that if you have something truly unique, spending all of your energy dissecting the competition can ultimately make you much more like them than you should be – MLS/WPS franchising is just one example of this.

So how do we differentiate ourselves from NFL when this weekend is effectively theirs and theirs alone?

Firstly we rollout our biggest weapon. David Beckham.

The Super Bowl advertisement for clothing brand H&M will definitely get people talking about the game. First of all he is a worldwide celebrity that people instantly recognize. David Beckham, soccer, you get the point. Secondly he will be in his underwear and that will obviously leave an impression with some people across the country of which I don’t need to explain further.

Next we coordinate a push from fans all over the country to fight for a slice of the Super Bowl buzz. We might sound like we are crazy here, but imagine if we got #IfSoccerTrendsDuringSuperBowl trending on Sunday. It would definitely raise a few eyebrows amongst the sporting elite of the U.S.

They say all press is good press and this will certainly be the case. It will also lead to conversations all across the country discussing the merits of both sports and ultimately show that soccer fans are a passionate bunch and are coming for a larger slice of that sports industry pie.

Let’s play a quick game here. One of these things is not like the others – #SuperBowl, #Giants, #Patriots, #Madonna #JustinBieberTouchDown and #Ifsoccertrendsduringsuperbowl.  What better way to #GrowTheGame and show that a movement is well and truly underway.

So start tweeting today and increase that frequency to an all-out assault on social networks come Super Bowl Sunday. It’s time to put a bit of faith into fans nationwide that the grassroots of soccer is strong and ready to realize its potential!

Our favorite #soccer vs #NFL Twitter fast fact via USA Today:

The Women’s World Cup Final between the USA and Japan at one point fueled a high of 7,196 tweets per second (TPS). The previous record of 6,939 TPS was set just after midnight in Japan this year, on New Year’s Day.

Some comparisons to highs reached during other major news events: Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, 5,530; news of Osama bin Laden’s death, 5,106; Green Bay’s Super Bowl victory against Pittsburgh this year, 4,064; Britain’s Royal Wedding in April, 3,966.



One thought on “Imagine #IfSoccerTrendsDuringSuperBowl

  1. soccerspeak says:

    Thanks to everyone that got involved with this campaign yesterday. With some great viral marketing we saw #IfSoccerTrendsDuringSuperBowl have 958 tweets, 615 RT, 381 contributors & 50 links and #GrowTheGame have 99 tweets, 41 contributors & 50 retweets. Same time next year?

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