Keen To #GrowTheGame? Then Check Out New Blog On The Block – Two Touch Pass

Every week at the conclusion of the weekly #SoccerSpeakUSA Twitter Chat, Soccer Support announces a ‘Tweeter of the Week’ – someone who we felt gave the best insights and responses during the hour and embodied what #SoccerSpeakUSA is setting out to achieve.

The winner of this award is then entitled to promote a blog, club or website through the Soccer Support channels. This weeks recipient was Diane (@Deegley) who chose to post a new blog that addresses issues about womens soccer here in the U.S. – check out the details below, and most importantly check out Two Touch Pass today!


Please check out a brand new blog Two Touch Pass

Started as a result of the #GrowTheGame initiative, it’s a newly available platform in social media for fans to discuss, examine, and present ideas. Fans and readers are encouraged to get involved by commenting and writing about ideas on how to best help women’s soccer grow and sustain in the U.S.

Think you’ve got a good idea on how to grow the women’s game in the US? Maybe you are part of soccer program that has experienced sustained growth, or a program that just can’t seem to grow, both are worthy of examination and discussion. Maybe you haven’t played soccer a day in your life, but you’re a big fan of the women’s game and you’ve got ideas to make your experience better from a fan perspective. Bring all your ideas and opinions over to Two Touch Pass and get involved.

Thanks again for Tweeter of the Week and a chance to spread the word about this blog. I look forward to many more chats.

Diane (@Deegley)


#SoccerSpeakUSA returns tomorrow (2/22/12) at the regular time and day of Wednesdays at 4:30pm PST and 7:30PM EST.

The conversation doesn’t stop there though. Fans across the country are encouraged to use the #GrowTheGame hashtag during the week to be linked with other like-minded and talk all thing soccer.

If you would like more info on #SoccerSpeakUSA, Soccer Support or our #GrowTheGame project or perhaps to submit question 4 for tomorrows chat email


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