#SoccerSpeakUSA Summary (3/7) – ‘US Soccer – The Road to 2032’

#SoccerSpeakUSA Summary (3/7) – ‘US Soccer – The Road to 2032’

We have mentioned countless times that it never hurts to have a conversation about the future of the game. But what should the future look like and most importantly what could the future look like.

Having a clear vision of where we want to go and then understanding the paths toward that overarching goal is just one step forward. Being able to use all the tools at our disposal and moving forward together is another more trickier step.

So what will the sport look like in 2032? We encourage those imaginations to run wild in this week’s Twitter Chat…

To those that are unfamiliar with the #SoccerSpeakUSA chats – each week we provide a summary of the chat for those that missed it including the top posts from each question. We also announce a weekly ‘Tweeter of the Week’ who will be featured in this summary and goes to the person Soccer Support feels gave the best insights and responses during the hour and embodied what #SoccerSpeakUSA is setting out to achieve.


Q1: What do you think U.S. #soccer will look like in 20 years time?

@backseatgaffer  I think we’ll have three or four professional divisions on the men’s side and a stable women’s professional-level league. I’d hope to see much more diversity in the youth game, perhaps a return to simpler times in that regard.

@Gillian_E_Dubbs Definitely a solid women’s pro league & an expanded men’s league. US national teams w/ higher attendance & hopefully better men’s ranking

Tweeps believed a top 5 world ranking is achievable pending youth development over the next two decades (the US is currently ranked #27 after their historic win over Italy last Wednesday)

We then asked whether the key to unlocking the countries potential was if soccer moved towards a more multicultural approach and away from issues of cost and the tendency of soccer to grow primarily in the suburbs.

@justkhoai I see more of soccer & community outreach. Won’t be limited to just $$$ & suburbs. Demographic is changing.

Q2: Do you believe technology has a role to play in the future of #soccer?

@IT2theDLeon Technology allows the far removed 2 feel connected 2 the moment. Soccer fans around the world can benefit from being connected

@Gillian_E_Dubbs Yes – finding low cost options through tech will see more overseas games  aired & make everything more accessible not just games. Between on field tech advances (goal line etc) & off field (keeping fans in the loop connected) it’s massively important

@Carratty_Kid It probably has, but for me it shouldn’t. Split second decisions, right or wrong, add to excitement of the game

Following on from the Soccer Nation Expo in LA and a presentation by ex EPL & Liverpool CEO Rick Parry, we asked if TV access will become a line in the sand for the MLS like it did for the EPL? To those that are unaware of the history – the EPL was formed due to a number of reasons but none more so prominent than TV revenue to clubs.

@SDDragoons While TV is critical, is MLS hindered by not playing same European schedule? Best players will stay in Europe

@MindOfAbram TV access already is the line, that’s why the NBC Sports deal is such a big deal.

Q3: Do you believe a ‘Global Premier League’ will exist in the future?

@IT2theDLeon Global Premier League would be extreme sporting events that could unite the globe as it has feuding regions!!

@jimmystagger No, sorry. There’s been talk of a Euro Super League since the early ’90s and nothing.

The majority of users said that a global league was a pipe dream. Therefore we followed up by asking if the MLS could become a premier destination for players in the future & perform at an #EPL or La Liga standard?

@SDDragoons MLS will need to attract biggest stars in their prime to ‘make it’. Can’t do that with current schedule

@CGT3194 we need to do a better job of creating our own world class players and get those players visible

Finally we asked the big one! Q4: Can the #USMNT win a World Cup by 2032?

@Hooliganbroome #USMNT can win before that if Klinsmann is allowed to do what is needed

@SDDragoons No reason we can’t. Current direction is sound. With the population in the US we can draw from, it’s doable.

An interesting view was then put forward in regards to our current and future talent. How do we approach this in the future? Is it the current culture or is family history too strong of a draw card?

@Dbigdannyboy Kids with dual citizenship tend to choose family origin country over birth country

There is no hiding the impact a World Cup has on the host country. The domestic game is one of the biggest beneficiaries but we posed to users another $64,000 question – will the US host another World Cup by 2032?

@SDDragoons If it remains on a positive trajectory, yes. Heck, I’m not sold Qatar can get it done in 2022 yet.


This week’s chat was the most interesting to date for a couple of reasons. The first is that people definitely have opinions on what the future might look like but that was counteracted by the lack of consensus.

We can’t tell what will happen in 20 years especially in terms of technological advances and cultural shifts etc. but we can put in place clear goals that transcend the reactionary nature of a TV dominated world.

We here at Soccer Support wholeheartedly believe that the State of Soccer Report is one of the best ways to collect these ideas and make informed choices on what has been presented. A truly independent report that aims to provide clear goals and a vision for soccer to follow.

For more info or to make a submission check out http://bit.ly/yojFJd


And so that brings us to the #GrowTheGame Tweeter of the week. This week we had to hand it to @SDDragoons – clear and principled answers and someone who obviously is optimistic about a successful future for US Soccer. @SDDragoons has won the right to promote a particular blog, website or team and can redeem this prize by emailing info@soccersupport.us or sending @SoccerSupport a DM through Twitter with the details.


#SoccerSpeakUSA returns next week (3/14/12) at the regular time and day of Wednesdays at 4:30pm PST and 7:30PM EST.

The conversation doesn’t stop there though. Fans across the country are encouraged to use the #GrowTheGame hashtag during the week to be linked with other like-minded people and talk all thing soccer.

If you would like more info on #SoccerSpeakUSA, Soccer Support, our #GrowTheGame project or perhaps to submit question 4 for next week email info@soccersupport.us

See you all next week!


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