Soccer Speak USA Joins The Soccer Blogs Network

Ever since we started the Soccer Speak USA blog we have encouraged users to ‘Write and Tweet to Personalize the Message and #Growthegame’ and that’s why we are pleased to have joined the independently aggregated Soccer Blogs Network. is a blog aggregator that summarizes new posts across the growing network of football/soccer focused blogs. Once an hour, they poll a database of blog feeds, both RSS and Atom, and provide summaries of new blog posts with links back to the original blog.

Soccer Blogs helps promote original content to #GrowTheGame and excludes feeds from other commercial endeavors, as well as feeds from major news sources such as Yahoo!, AP, and Reuters.

If you have an original blog we encourage you to join the network – log in to for more info.

If you’re on facebook – become a fan:

If you are a StumbleUpon user, please take a moment to add SoccerBlogs to your favorites. You can find them there at



One thought on “Soccer Speak USA Joins The Soccer Blogs Network

  1. This will be a great connection in order to make a big network.

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