#GrowTheGame Event Previews #4 – Street Soccer USA San Diego

With the #GrowTheGame San Diego Pilot fast approaching, Soccer Support will be previewing each of the five major events being held across the city on Saturday 14 & Sunday April 15.

Our penultimate event of #GrowTheGame previews is our legacy project Street Soccer USA – San Diego.

#GrowTheGame is based on the premise that all of our projects leave a lasting impact at the grassroots of the game. While the annual #GrowTheGame day will be about fun and empowering local clubs, fans and players to celebrate the game they love, it is important for the continued growth of soccer in the U.S. that communities continue to benefit from our objectives.

Projects will be based upon the following three principles;

  1. Soccer best practices – improvements in administration, development, coordination or promotion of grassroots soccer.
  2. Education and community development
  3. Benevolent activities – focus on development for disadvantaged persons and/or groups.

SSUSA is designed to empower men, women, and youth of all ages who lack permanent housing to set life goals both on and off the field and transform the context within which they live from one of isolation, abuse, and marginalization, to one of community, purpose, and achievement.

By undergoing the SSUSA process, players improve social skills, self-esteem, physical/mental health, and eliminate barriers to employment, making them more likely to achieve housing/job placement than their peers.

Ending homelessness is a team sport and that’s why soccer has always been regarded as one of the best vehicles for social change. With that in mind, Soccer Support is proud to see its first legacy project being one which will have a direct impact on one of the forgotten social issues of our generation – homelessness.

Street Soccer USA Founder and CEO, Lawrence Cann was quick to point out that everyone who has played soccer and played sports knows that they get back more than they give.

“Our teammates are our friends, our family, our support. The lessons we learn sustain us through life. Street Soccer USA is about delivering that support to the people who need the most.

“We are excited that through our new San Diego partner, Soccer Support USA, we can help more people in need to strive for and achieve their goals in life” Cann said.

A historic convening of the SSUSA San Diego Advisory Group will take place on Sunday. From this meeting it is envisioned that a blueprint for the project will be created, with the first participants of the program being inducted in the following months.

For more info on Street Soccer USA visit www.streetsoccerusa.org

Event Overview:

Inaugural Meeting of Street Soccer USA San Diego Advisory Board – Ending homelessness is a team sport and that’s why soccer has always been regarded as one of the best vehicles for social change. The #GrowTheGame legacy project will see the highly successful Street Soccer USA program introduced to San Diego.

When: 2-3pm

Where: The Boardroom, San Diego Hall of Champions


What do you play for?



#GrowTheGame is a national project that aims to bring people together to promote grassroots soccer.

Through the #GrowTheGame movement, Soccer Support USA will provide fun and simple ways to empower soccer fans to celebrate the game they love. A coordinated approach can help raise the awareness of soccer to the popular levels of other sports in the U.S.



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