Soccer Support Announces New 2012/13 Membership Options

Soccer Support is happy to announce its range of membership options which are aimed at providing clubs with the support, advice and assistance to grow while providing these great services at the most affordable price.


Soccer Support offers attractive membership packages to grassroots clubs across the country with a primary focus on modernizing clubs for the 21st century.

By working directly with its members, Soccer Support helps create new revenue streams, an increased exposure to sponsors and players, sustainability measures and most importantly future planning, in what is a saturated and extremely competitive market.

Soccer Support acts as the following;

• Sponsorship Brokers;

• Soccer Lobbyists;

• Grant Writers;

• Club Consultants; and

• Marketing Specialists

Soccer Support has three levels of membership available to clubs as well as individual options.


Sponsorship Brokers

One of the most challenging tasks for any club is sourcing sponsorship dollars to cover/subsidize ongoing costs.

Most clubs rely on personal networks to attract sponsors or send letters/emails to major corporations in the hope they might get a call back. This is a rare occurrence and the amount of time invested into attracting sponsors normally yields far below expectations.

Soccer Support believes that soccer benefits more if 10 clubs receive $1000 each from a $10,000 sponsorship deal rather than one club receiving $10,000. With this at the forefront of our thinking Soccer Support acts as a sponsorship broker for all of our members with any sponsorships we secure being evenly distributed amongst clubs.

We follow the 60-30-10 rule where tier 1 members receive 60% of all sponsorships, tier 2 members receive income from the tier 1 dollar amount PLUS income from the next 30% pool.

For example if we secured a $10,000 sponsorship – $6000 would go to tier 1 members, $3000 to tier 2 members, with the remaining 10% remaining with Soccer Support to help fund other grassroots soccer programs and help grow the game across the country.

If there were 20 tier 1 members each club would receive $300 ($6000/20). If 5 of these 20 clubs were also tier 2 members they would receive $900 ($300 from tier 1 PLUS $600 from tier 2).

Given memberships for tier 1 are $500 and tier 2 are $1000, clubs have nearly recouped all of their outlay and received all of the other terrific benefits outlined in this brochure.

A collective of clubs is a far more attractive proposition for sponsors and will increase your clubs ability to obtain funding or in-kind donations.

Sponsorship from larger organizations also gives credibility to your club which leads to more players and more support.

Support takes all the pressure off club boards to land the ‘big fish’ leaving you to concentrate on the day to day running of your club. For more information on our Sponsorship Brokerage please email

Grant Writing Service

One of the most under-utilized funding streams is that of grants funding. This is due to a combination of reasons including time, future planning and an understanding of the application process.

Soccer Support can help your club apply for grants should they be eligible. We take care of your application which includes consulting, formulating workable solutions and delivering on your clubs goals and objectives. We draft an evaluation plan, prepare documents for you to submit, proof read and follow-up.

We have experience writing successful grant proposals from small equipment requests through to comprehensive soccer programs that play an important role in player and community development.


Soccer Support develops and advocates policies on behalf of our members and stakeholders, with the aim of making a positive difference for our members, our communities and our sport with respect to sporting infrastructure, health initiatives, funding streams and the current needs of sports number one consumer – the grassroots of the game.

Through ongoing activities and our State of Soccer Report, Soccer Support acts as the largest Independent voice of grassroots soccer giving players, fans, coaches and administrators a chance to outline ways, in which the sport can continue to innovate, improve and grow to reach its potential here in the U.S.


Advocacy is one of the most important intangible services Soccer Support contributes to the grassroots of the game.

Soccer Support, as the collective voice of grassroots soccer, formulates recommendations for the game in consultation with the soccer community to help ‘Grow The Game’. Soccer Support focuses on issues such as investment in the grassroots of the sport, soccer infrastructure and coaching and refereeing best practice to name but a few. To put it simply, it’s about having a conversation about the sport, making our views known to U.S. Soccer and FIFA, while unlocking the doors to investment and growth.

Soccer Support prides itself on being the grassroots ‘go-to’ group for providing a balanced and honest account of where the game currently is, and advocating for positive change at every opportunity.

Another significant part of our advocacy efforts is to educate our members about key changes to the sport and funding streams through programs that may include webinars, trade fairs, publications, group presentations, and other online avenues.

Lobbying Activities

Many grassroots clubs and leagues are restricted in their growth due to a lack of sporting infrastructure amongst the other things outlined above. Soccer Support, through its membership, liaises with soccer administrators, government, business and the community to create awareness of the needs of the soccer community and deliver strong tangible outcomes for the sport. These lobbying activities help progress our advocacy agenda.


Club Appraisals & Business Plans

Running a soccer club is a difficult task and many of us find ourselves working in key administrative positions on a volunteer capacity with no previous club management experience.

Soccer Support understands this and shares best practice through its club appraisals options. We provide advice on 9 key areas which impact the day to day operations of a club including;

Structure, Policy & Finances, Administration, Marketing, Fundraising, Players, Demographics, Community and Future Planning.

We also draft policy procedures to help guide the club in its decision making.

Through our comprehensive review of your club, Soccer Support quickly identifies what you are doing right and provides objective advice on how you can create new key efficiencies and continue to grow.

Soccer Support will then provide its findings and recommendations to the board and will be available to assist with their implementation if required.


Soccer Support provides marketing opportunities for clubs to advance their events or objectives. With experience in event management, media and coordinating national campaigns, Soccer Support has the expertise to maximize outcomes for your organization.

As a member, clubs will receive up to 2 event plans depending on their tier and up to 2 design templates to support an upcoming event.

Members also will receive discounted options on the full packages we can offer including the planning and execution of your marketing strategy (including event management, PR, access to our videographers etc). To get a quote on you immediate marketing needs or for a future campaign/event please contact

Other Membership Benefits

On top of the key benefits to your club outlined throughout this brochure, members of Soccer Support will also have access to the following;

Speakers Bank – Looking for a key speaker at your next event? Our Soccer Support Ambassadors will provide inspiration and advice for club members with a grassroots edge.

Webinars – As part of our commitment to educating and sharing best practice with our members we host 4 informative webinars per year on key topics to facilitate debate and foster tangible outcomes for the sport.

E-Library – We scour the web to find all the latest coaching manuals, trends and all things soccer related to help skill up your clubs volunteers, coaches and administrators.

Grassroots Directory – Your club will be listed in our grassroots directory which is intended to provide potential sponsors, players and like-minded clubs the opportunity to connect and network with your organization.

Club Discounts – Soccer Support members can take advantage of exclusive offers through our network of partners. Members will also receive discounts to all future Soccer Support events.


AFFILIATE: Affiliate members receive a social media appraisal, marketing options equivalent to a tier 1 level, access to our lobbying, advocacy and other services such as the directory, discounts and speakers bank.

COST: $100

TIER 1 – Grassroots: Tier 1 members receive all membership options but are capped at tier 1 for the sponsorship brokerage   package, the tier 1 marketing option (1 plan & 1 design template) and a free grants proposal up to $2500.

COST: $500

TIER 2 – Pro: Tier 2 members receive the full suite of membership options.

COST: $1000

As you can see, the sponsorship levels have the potential to pay for themselves. Should Soccer Support be unsuccessful for whatever reason in being unable to secure a sponsorship in the calendar year of your membership, your club will be refunded the difference between your tier and an affiliate membership (minus an administration fee and for services rendered that do not accompany an affiliate membership). To apply for membership with Soccer Support please email


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  1. Looks like you’ve got a very good infrastructure set up here. How can a layman like myself get involved in this action?

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