30 Ways To Improve Your Soccer Clubs Community Outreach Activities

There are many benefits in engaging with your local community and for that reason outreach is fast becoming an essential component in becoming a sustainable 21st century club.

Being entrenched in your local area not only increases your clubs exposure to potential sponsors but also your ability to attract new players.

We would encourage clubs to contemplate creating a stand-alone position on their executive to deal with this important area of club development and to design a strategy that embraces every opportunity available for your club to grow.

Soccer Support understands that this is no simple task, so we have compiled a list of 30 of our favorite and most cost effective outreach activities that can help get your club on the road to new and successful partnerships that will reap huge rewards. We know clubs aren’t awash with cash so it’s important your plans are modest yet can have big returns.

In no particular order;

  1. Have a club open day
  2. Have an investors evening, inviting local business to hear about you club & sponsorship options
  3. Record a weekly podcast inviting local groups to promote what they do
  4. Invite local non-profits to run your bbq’s on game days.
  5. Organize a meeting with local media
  6. Create memberships for non-playing supporters
  7. Partner with a local charity and fundraise for them at official events
  8. Give out prizes donated from local businesses each week for man of the match
  9. Recruit a street team to go out in the community to disseminate club info and cultivate local relationships
  10. Give birthday cards/vouchers etc out to junior players on their special day
  11. Have a club alumni (ex-players) event
  12. Have a volunteers appreciation luncheon
  13. Focus on your social media presence and local interactions
  14. Broadcast games live through U-Stream
  15. Give out free tickets to games
  16. Rent promotional/booth space at local community events
  17. Write a club specific blog highlighting upcoming fixtures and achievements
  18. Reward loyalty – club honor boards for playing 50 games for the club etc
  19. If a junior only club, link with a senior club to continue pathways for juniors
  20. Have bursaries for junior players which can’t afford registrations fees
  21. Sponsorship boards – sell plaques to local businesses and showcase them in clubhouses
  22. Organize a trivia night and open it up to the local community
  23. Sell club merchandise
  24. Become affiliated to local chamber of commerce and head to networking events
  25. Host soccer clinics for local disadvantaged kids
  26. Have multi-tiered sponsorship options. Sponsor game ball, match day programs etc. Don’t limit your ability to attract new supporters
  27. Send ‘wish you were here’ postcards to local businesses. Get cards for free from Vistaprint etc
  28. Have a themed event such as playing in pink socks to raise awareness for breast cancer
  29. Link with your local pro teams to organize game day visits, be ballboys/girls and mascots
  30. Name your new mascot competition – gets people of all ages talking about your club

What events has your club organized that have created stronger relationships with your local community? Any successes or failures that other clubs can learn from?

Share your ideas online with the hashtag #GrowTheGame to help strengthen soccer from the grassroots up.

Local sponsors are eager to partner with organizations if they are the right fit. Therefore community outreach plays an increasingly important role in distinguishing your soccer club from similar organizations in your region.

Soccer Support also offers attractive membership packages to grassroots clubs across the country with a primary focus on modernizing clubs for the 21st century.By working directly with its members, Soccer Support helps create new revenue streams, an increased exposure to sponsors and players, sustainability measures and most importantly future planning, in what is a saturated and extremely competitive market.

For more information on our list of services please email info@soccersupport.us

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One thought on “30 Ways To Improve Your Soccer Clubs Community Outreach Activities

  1. Some of these are tremendous ideas. It’s worth being the backbone of a series that explores the WHY + HOW for actually implementing 10 of these 30 ideas. Take another step towards #GrowingTheGame by having sponsorship, event production & marketing PROFESSIONALS flush out these concept so clubs increase their business + marketing competencies without having to pay for it. Go find the best to impact your [broad] audience. ~peace, Ingrid

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