Help #GrowTheGame By Finding Soccer Jobs For Our Best & Brightest

Today we retweeted a job posted by the San Diego Flash Soccer Club (@SDFlashSoccer) calling for people to become members of a new street team they are obviously assembling to help increase their community outreach.

However it was the feedback that we received from users asking about the job and where they can get more information that really got us thinking – why is no-one aggregating all the soccer jobs that get posted across the country?

If we are to #GrowTheGame we should be broadcasting opportunities for new positions within the sport far and wide to attract the most talented applicants. Not only can teams, colleges and other organizations (both non & for profit)  recruit the best candidates for those individual roles, but the sport can ultimately have the best people in those key positions which can help to drive soccer forward and reach its potential in the U.S.

We should have the best people in sales selling tickets to get fans in seats.

We should have the most talented coaches nurturing our future talent.

We should have the best advertising and marketing team promoting the sport from grassroots through to national campaigns.

People at the top of their respective fields and who have a passion for soccer should be encouraged to chase after their dream job. After all it’s the sports that benefits from a more professional approach and when the sport wins, the fans win.

That’s why we have created the new Twitter account @SoccerJobsUSA so that we can help spread the word. So make sure you follow the dude with a soccer ball for a head and wearing a suit for all the latest openings across the U.S.

Soccer Support is also encouraging people to join us in sharing news of local, state and national soccer jobs through their social networks to help drive a new wave of talent to the sport. It’s a simple task than can reap significant reward and can be our own little contribution to #GrowTheGame


2 thoughts on “Help #GrowTheGame By Finding Soccer Jobs For Our Best & Brightest

  1. Reblogged this on Earth Sports News and commented:
    Just think this is fantastic. Lets start using social media to promote ourselves to ourselves!

  2. US Futblog says:

    Great idea…the US Soccer system is growing and morphing and the result will have a huge impact on the quality of our home grown talent. This should certainly be a valuable tool for those looking to become more involved in this beautiful game…sorta radical but every little bit counts so keep up the good work!

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