Soccer Speak USA Celebrates A Mini Milestone & Recaps On Its 5 Most Read Articles

Recently Soccer Speak USA, a humble blog of ideas that was created to help act as discussion tool – and more optimistically, a catalyst for change at the grassroots of U.S. soccer – surpassed 5000 hits.

Not a number that screams ‘listen to my me because my ideas are great’ but rather an indicator that there are indeed people out there that believe soccer can reach its potential in this country through innovative approaches to help foster a cultural shift in the big four ‘Americanized’ sports of NFL, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey.

Simply, I just wanted to say thank you and hope you keep on reading and contributing to the debate.

To celebrate our mini-milestone we have linked our top 5 most read blog posts and tomorrow will post our favorite 5 – so enjoy some nostalgia or catch up on those posts you may have missed…next stop, 10,000!

#1: Time To End The WPS Blame Game & Embrace A Sustainable Future For Women’s Pro Soccer

A post inspired from a rather heated Twitter Chat saw us take a look at options for women’s pro soccer and called for a blueprint for the women’s game rather than arguing why we don’t currently have one.

#2: Franchise vs Clubs – The Future of Pro Soccer in the U.S.

We tackle one of the most polarizing arguments in U.S. soccer – promotion & relegation as a model for growth. However our angle assumes that the franchise model will continue and that the focus on expansion should be for regions with established entities rather than a pay to play attitude.

#3: #GrowTheGame Event Previews #1 Soccer Star – San Diego

#GrowTheGame San Diego was a huge success with over 500 participants city wide and this preview looked at the upcoming trials for the soon to be released web series Soccer Star – San Diego. Of all the event to be held on that April weekend it was the tryouts that created the most buzz. Two months later a winner was selected to join the San Diego Flash Soccer Club and a 8 episode TV pilot will launch on September 5.

Check out the promo videos now on

#4: Do You Have What It Takes To Be San Diego’s Next Soccer Star?

When we launched our plans for a new TV pilot many thought it couldn’t be done on the back of a volunteer team and no funding. We are now two weeks away from defying all those critics and look forward to putting out a series that will showcase the biggest youth soccer market in the country. This post was where it all started…

#5: NPSL Looks To Social Media To Broadcast Its National Championships To A Wider Audience

It was surprising to see this article slip into the top 5 given it was only posted a couple of weeks ago, but I feel it serves as a message to administrators that social media and technological advances can play an important part in the future growth of the sport in the U.S.

The NPSL National Championships utilized Ustream to great effect and took the league (which I feel is full of promise) to a wider audience. Couple this with a strong focus on social media and the use of Twitter programs to bring fans up-to-the-minute updates on the games played, the host city took some risks and reaped the rewards.


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