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Soccer Tech 2012 – Overview & Agenda

Soccer Tech 2012 – Session Overview

The future of US Soccer. Discuss.

The inaugural Soccer Tech Conference features as a partner event of the internationally acclaimed Social Media Week (

The event kicks off on Thursday 27 September from 10am and will see 7 workshops, presentations, forums and roundtable events take place at the LA Creative Space, Downtown LA.

About Social Media Week

Social Media Week is a worldwide event exploring the social, cultural and economic impact of social media. Our mission is to help people and organizations connect through collaboration, learning and the sharing of ideas and information.

Being part of SMW is an opportunity to join thousands of other leading industry practitioners to and be part of the SMW experience hosted by 15 worldwide markets. With over 600 organizations hosting more than 1,000 incredible event sessions at the last SMW, this is your chance to join the world’s most collaborative event that explores the cultural and economic impact of social media.

This year’s global theme is “Empowering Change through Collaboration.”

Why are you attending Soccer Tech?

Fans participation in this #SMWLA Conference means that you have an active interest in how online technologies and social media change the way soccer clubs communicate, operate and become more sustainable. You have asked yourself what the sport’s most innovative clubs and associations doing to evolve their reach, exposure and bottom line? #SMWSoccerTech2012 hopes to answer your questions and more by giving you exclusive access to hands-on workshops and panel discussions that will enhance your knowledge of what is available to your club and inspire a new phase of growth at the grassroots of the game.

Social media

Fans are encouraged to use our official SMW Hashtag when tweeting  – #SMWSoccerTech2012


10am-11amEngagement: Grassroots lessons from pro tier soccer – How are the pro teams engaging with local fans and their communities to help drive new levels of fan interaction? How are online advances shaping the communication between fans, players and clubs and can this be replicated down the soccer pyramid effectively?

Speakers: Lisa Bregman – LA Galaxy, Ben Philyaw – Lightmaker & Clent Alexander – SDSP Soccer Marketing

Presentation 1: The Spirit of Football (U.S. Leg) – Every FIFA World Cup year since 2002, a small team of European football lovers, have carried, kicked, flown and headed a ball, The Ball ,from the birthplace of the sport, Battersea Park in London (where a game is played half Original Rules and gear, half Modern Rules and gear), to the site of the World Cup.  Mike Bonifer discusses ‘The Ball’s’ next journey to the Brazil World Cup in 2014.

11am-12pm Soccer for Social Change – Social media has broken down the ability for U.S. based charities to make a difference both domestically and internationally. In this session attendees will learn how to use soccer as a catalyst for many positive changes in people’s lives, whether it be disadvantaged youth, their families and/or the community at large.

Speakers: Lisa O’Kane – JoLi Academy & Chandrima Chatterjee – Yuwa, Street Soccer USA

12pm – 1pm ***LUNCH BREAK***

1pm – 2pm Using Technology To Grow The Game – Technology needs to be embraced at the grassroots of soccer if it is to grow in the U.S. and reach the potential of the traditional world powers of the sport.This session will discuss niche social platforms, utilizing responsive design and universal marketing.

Speakers: Jeremy Melul – Jogabo & Kristi Colvin – Mass Passion, Founder of WUFC

2pm – 2:40pm The State of Play: Social Media and the State of American Soccer JournalismHow to tap into social media to drive original soccer content and use these new links to build/establish new conversations about the sport.  Also discussing the origins of XI Quarterly – a print quarterly – that is, in many ways, a throwback in an era in which so much journalism is going digital.

Speaker: David Keyes – XI Quarterly

Presentation 2: Golazo Natural Beverages – Join our sponsors as they discuss how they ‘Fuel Fútbol’ with beverages that use the best All Natural ingredients, with Latin-inspired flavors and functionality designed for the pitch.

2:40pm – 3:15pm The Impact of Social Media & Technology on the In-Venue Supporter Experience – A discussion surrounding the impact that social media and technology has had on the in-venue stadium experience for soccer supporters and club owners. This open conversation will look to discuss the future of stadium technology integration in terms of possible new revenue opportunities, greater fan connectivity and other effects on the stadium sector of the soccer business industry.

Speaker: Joshua A. Boren – Woods Bagot

3:15 – 4:30pm Building and Leveraging your Online PresenceA workshop for those looking to get an insight into the most effective ways to expand your influence online through social media. There will be a discussion on connecting with influencers and generating support, contacts and networking for your organization.

Speakers: Kim Tate – Kim Tate Sports & Curly – Soccer Technologist

4:30pm – 5:30pm The future of Soccer in the U.S. – Join our celebrity panel in this unique Q&A with questions from attendees and online. Ask questions via Twitter at #SMWSoccerTech2012

Speakers: Warren Barton – Fox Soccer & Special Guests.

5:30pm Close.