Soccer Speak USA is the official blog of grassroots advocacy organization, Soccer Support.

This blog is one of the main vehicle for us to facilitate debate around prevailing issues or hot topics within American Soccer. While many of the suggestions are not the official positions of Soccer Support or its staff they are written in such a way that the subject matter can easily transfer from a blog to  the dining room table to the pub.

We encourage readers to interact with the writers and guest bloggers to help #GrowTheGame.

About Soccer Support

Soccer Support was created to help soccer realize its potential in the U.S. It was widely agreed that opportunities existed for grassroots soccer to create a new paradigm for the sport solely out of everyones shared love of the game.

We believe a major shift to one-on-one conversations between federations, clubs and supporters will see a united nationwide fan base driving tangible outcomes for all those involved in the sport.

It is about everyone having the chance to help shape the future of our sport, because it is the fans which will ultimately dictate the success and failure of it in the long run.

Genuine cultural shifts do not come from a top down approach, if they are to be accepted and given a chance to flourish there needs to be a conversation at all levels. Soccer Support  has already created some of those channels through #GrowTheGame and projects such as Soccer Star – San Diego and the #SoccerSpeakUSA Twitter Chat.

With these projects now growing in participation and with many more scheduled for roll out in the next 12 months we will soon have fans, volunteers and clubs interact in ways never seen of before, and most importantly help the sport realize its potential.


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